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Can I reach the festival by train?

Yes. All train connections within Luxembourg are free of charge. The timetables of the CFL trains are sometimes even adapted to the programme (Comedian Harmonists/Selah Sue/Warhaus) of the Festival de Wiltz.
07.07.2023 (Comedian Harmonists): Wiltz 23h16 –> Lux. 00h32
14.07.2023 (Selah Sue): Wiltz 23h19 –> Lux. –> Esch/A. –> Rodange 01h09
15.07.2023 (Warhaus): Wiltz 23h19 –> Lux. –> Esch/A. –> Rodange 01h09

The Citybus will take you to the festival (exit POST, 300 metres to walk) free of charge and back to the station.

Can I reach the festival by bus?

Yes. You can use the Park & Ride and Citybus services free of charge.

Is the festival site barrier-free?

Yes. There is always a path to all the sites that is accessible without stairs. Of course, there are also toilets for people with reduced mobility on site.

Open Air - completely without a roof?

No. A huge tent roof protects festival visitors from rain and sun in the amphitheatre in front of the stage at the foot of the castle. As this is an open-air stage, we recommend that you bring weatherproof clothing.

Are dogs allowed?

No. As it could be uncomfortable for dogs due to the loudness, we ask you not to bring your dog.

Am I allowed to bring luggage?

Yes. Larger bags are not prohibited, but will be checked by security.

Can I volunteer to help at the festival?

Yes. We are always looking for volunteers to help out during the show (checking tickets, putting on festival wristbands), preparing the backstage area for the stars or giving festival visitors information. Please contact us at

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