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30.06.2024 EVENT 20:00 SEATED
Amphitheater Wiltz

Yé (l’eau)

Cancellation of the Nouveau Cirque performance “Yé (l’eau)” on 30.06.2024

We regret to inform you that the Nouveau Cirque performance “Yé (l’eau)” by Compagnie Circus Baobab, which was scheduled for 30 June 2024 as part of the Festival de Wiltz, has unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Circus Baobab is a collective of circus artists from Guinea and the diaspora, mixing traditional modes of expression from African circus and new writings from contemporary circus. Beyond creations and tours, the company works for a social, united and civic circus. What if the corners of a world in ruins became the setting for a rebirth? Another end of the world is possible. Drawing from the source of creativity, the acrobatic artists and dancers take the viewer, along the water, on a journey with numerous environmental challenges. YÉ calls us together to build a world of tomorrow that will take care of nature and its future.

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