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01.07.2023 DOORS 14:30 EVENT 15:00 SEATED FREE SEATING
Amphitheater Wiltz
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Emil und die Detektive – von Erich Kästner

Theater Trier


For the first time, 12-year-old Emil is allowed to travel to Berlin alone. He is wearing his fine Sunday suit and has 140 marks with him for his grandmother in Berlin. This money is stolen from him on the train by a passenger. Emil sets off after the thief while his grandma waits unsuccessfully for him at the station… Emil and the Detectives is an exciting and humorous adventure novel for children and adults. Experiences from his own childhood inspired Erich Kästner in 1929 to write the story, which has already been filmed several times and has become a real classic. The Trier Theatre is celebrating the Luxembourg premiere of their new production at the Festival de Wiltz.

Age: 6+ / Language: DE
Duration: 80 minutes (without break)
Prices: 01.07 – under 4 years/for fee, under 26 years/15€, adults/25€, culture pass/1,50€
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